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Blessed with the philanthropy of our strong benefactors, 女校友, 父母, 朋友, 公司, 和基金会, 三一繁荣!

Your support assists us in offering programs that shape and define the woman of the 21st century; well educated, with a positive sense of self and compassion and service to and for others.

We ask for your commitment to maintain and grow the excellent programs that Trinity, in the Sinsinawa tradition, deliver to our young women, tomorrow’s leaders. Please review the varied ways you can make a significant impact on these fine students. For more information regarding the following giving opportunities, please contact 玛吉 麦克马洪 McGarry ‘98,Director of Development, at 708.453.8311, or mmcgarry@bestqualityplumbing.net..
"Trinity had a lasting impact for me as a student and alumna. This is why I give my support in as many ways as I can."

Mary Ellen Boyle Callow ‘63


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    Please send you check payable to Trinity High School to:
    Trinity High School
    Office of Institutional Advancement 
    7574 West Division Street
    River Forest, IL 60305
  • Gift from IRA distribution

    • 一旦你到了70岁.5 years old,  the government requires you to take a distribution from either your IRA or 401K.  These distributions are 100% taxable and can create an additional tax on your Society Security benefits, even if you give the money away after you receive it.  The good news is that if you redirect this distribution to Trinity, you skip the taxes!  To make a direct charitable distribution from your IRA, please click here for the letter of instruction and contact information.   
  • 信用卡

    Please click here to make a secure one-time gift, or set up a recurring monthly, 季度, 或年赠. To make a gift by phone, please Director of Development, 玛吉 麦克马洪 McGarry ‘98 at (708)453-8311. 点击这里
  • 实物礼物

    Trinity is grateful for non-monetary gifts that can be used for one of our programs or teams, or a professional service that is provided to Trinity at a reduced rate or free of charge. For more information on gifts in kind, please contact 玛吉 麦克马洪 McGarry '98 at mmcgarry@bestqualityplumbing.net, or (708)453-8311.
  • 赠予股票

    A gift of appreciated stock made directly to Trinity gives you a dual tax benefit.  You avoid paying taxes on the capital gains, and you can write off the full value as a donation when you itemize your taxes if you have owned the asset for more than one year. 
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  • IL Tax Credit Scholarships

    8月, 2017, the Illinois legislature passed the new Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program bill, 为孩子投资, which allows for a 75% income tax credit for individuals and 公司 who make authorized contributions to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). A SGO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization approved by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The primary goal of an SGO is to award scholarships to qualifying students. If desired, an individual may elect to direct their contribution to Trinity High School.
  • 匹配的礼物

    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Please check with your employer, or your spouse's employer, to find out if your companies have matching gift policies.  
  • Sponsorship opportunities

    Corporate and/or individual sponsorship provides excellent visibility for you and your company through Trinity High School. To sponsor an event and/or athletics during the school year, please contact 玛吉 麦克马洪 McGarry ‘98, Director of Development,  at 708.453.8311, or mmcgarry@bestqualityplumbing.net
  • Student scholarship and financial aid

    Scholarship gifts reflect a strong commitment to the advancement of the mission of Trinity High School. These funds provide vital tuition assistance, and as the needs of our students increase year after year, we remain committed to increasing our financial aid and scholarship support in partnership with donors. As a result of the generosity of our scholarship donors, generations of young women will be able to grow into intelligent, 富有同情心的, leaders at Trinity. 


  • Photo of Shena 基思

    Shena 基思 

    Vice President of Institutional Advancement


  • Photo of Margaret McGarry

    玛吉 麦克马洪 McGarry 98

    Director of Development